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1. What Is JacketCaster?

JacketCaster is a simple solution to two modern problems. In the brick-and-mortar world, customers can pick up your book, read the jacket you've so carefully designed, and even peruse the pages before they decide to buy. Online, customers see a cover the size of a postage stamp and, in most cases, little else. Problem one: not enough information.

Problem two: keeping accurate data about your books in Amazon,, Ingram, B&T, Bowker, and umpteen other channel databases is tedious and time-consuming at best. At worst, bad or missing data results in lost sales.

NetRead's JacketCaster solves both these problems.

JacketCaster helps you collect and send all kinds of book information, from basic bibliographic data to author photos, text from the book, even audio files. JacketCaster is based on ONIX, the book industry's leading standard for metadata.

JacketCaster lets you maintain all this bibliographic and marketing information in a place that's easily accessible to all of your employees and vendors. And it lets you use simple tools to:

  • Update all retail and wholesale databases simultaneously--once, or on a recurring schedule
  • Send electronic announcements to reps, buyers, reviewers, and customers
  • Create and maintain professional web pages for each of your titles
  • Export text and images to create your print catalog
JacketCaster is a completely web-based solution, so you can use any kind of computer, there's no software to buy or install, and you'll see a steady supply of new features without ever having to upgrade. Most important, with JacketCaster, you have complete control of your product information.

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