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6. Navigating

There are three ways to move around in JacketCaster:

  1. Navigation Bar: The yellow bar down the left edge of the screen is the Navigation Bar. Here you'll find the same four options that you saw on the JacketCaster Home page. You'll also find a Log Out option you should use whenever you're done using JacketCaster. In some sections, you'll also find options that are specific to that section.

  2. Page options: Most of the time, you'll use the options that are on the main (white) part of the page. The most common way to move from page to page is to click on links and buttons, just like typical web pages. For example, in the following illustration, "Sort" is a button and the other options are links.

  3. The page tab and bread crumb bar: The brown tab tells you the name of each page. To the right of the brown tab, you'll see a "bread crumb" navigation telling you where you are in JacketCaster. If you want to move up to a higher level, you can click on one of the pages listed in the bread crumb.

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